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Future Flight is the signature attraction for Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon and will take people on the ride of their lives. The experience combines virtual reality and a drop tower to take passengers on a space flight to Mars and back. Built with the help of NASA and leading aerospace companies, Future Flight lifts riders in the air as they experience lift-off through virtual reality goggles. Riders will then land on the Red Planet, seeing actual footage from the surface of Mars, courtesy of NASA, before plunging from the top of the tower back to Earth, landing on the 50-yard line of NRG Stadium in time for Super Bowl LI.

There are plenty of food options at Super Bowl 2017 Live Stream presented by Verizon. To get a true taste of the city, the Host Committee scoured the streets and partnered with many of the best food trucks throughout Houston to bring the unique flavors of the city to the festival. Here is the complete list of food trucks that will be located at Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon.

Houston LIVE is a first-of-its-kind exhibit at the Super Bowl, that shares the history of and tells the story of Super Bowl LI’s host city. Houston LIVE was brought to life by sponsors of the Host Committee, focusing on key neighborhoods and themes to ‘Celebrate,’ ‘Inspire’ and ‘Energize.’ The custom space will also feature Houston-area performers throughout the event.

The Stadium has hosted the NFL’s showpiece once before, Super Bowl  XXXVIII in which the Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29.

This was also the venue for the entirely unintentional wardrobe malfunction which showed the world Janet Jackson’s excellent taste in jewellery.

Who will be playing?

The New England Patriots, who will probably be familiar to you if you’ve watched more than one of these matches in the past 10 years. Far less familiar are the Atlanta Falcons, who have never won the big prize.

The Patriots comfortably beat Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game on Sunday 22 January, after overcoming the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium the previous Sunday.

The Falcons saw off the Green Bay Packers in astonishing style to clinch the NFC title.

You’ve got options. BBC or Sky Sports. Coverage starts on BBC One at 23.20. You’ll get an extra hour and twenty minutes of build-up over on Sky Sports, where the game is being shown on not one, not two but three channels: Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports Mix.

Adam revealed he will be drawing on his previous Super Bowl 2017 Live theatre roles as he prepares for his history-making commercial. “I like things that are like unconventional. I’ve always been interested in live things, basically going back to theatre – the potential threat of it not going right, or that it’s just kind of more dangerous,” he said.

“There’s no safety net at all and I think that’s always kind of a fascinating thing to be a part of and an interesting thing to watch. And, to do it on such a broad scale at the Super Bowl, the stakes couldn’t be higher – I mean, as far as stakes compared to open heart surgery,” Adam joked.

And the actor, who was last seen in Martin Scorsese’s epic drama Silence alongside Andrew Garfield, admitted he would have to stop his habit of over-thinking things in order to get the advert just right.

“You have to kind of stay focused in the midst of a lot of chaos, which is really a challenge,” he said of the commercial. “You get one shot and that’s all you get. You kind of just have to go with it and not overthink it all. I’ll overthink the way I eat a sandwich, it’s my habit. But with this, you have no time but just to react, which is always kind of good.”

How The advert will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday?

This Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will face off in the Super Bowl, battling for the championship on a turf field at Houston’s NRG Stadium. Does the field’s surface type — grass or turf — affect players’ injury rates?

One of the benefits of artificial turf is that the surface is more uniform — free of things like potholes, said Brian Dorfman, a kinesiologist who owns an injury rehabilitation practice in California and works with both professional and Olympic athletes.

“Generally, the issues with grass surfaces are that they are not a perfect surface,” Dorfman told Live Science.

However, if a grass field is smooth and lacks uneven bumps, then it may actually be safer for athletes, Dorfman said. That’s because grass is “a pretty forgiving surface,” he added.

A few different studies have looked into the injury rates of athletes playing on grass and turf surfaces, and generally have found that neither surface leads to significantly more injuries than the other.

For instance, one study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2006, found that, for 10 elite European soccer teams, the number of injuries during both training and games did not differ based on whether the athletes played on grass or turf.

Another study, published in 2007, also in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, looked at injury rates of 2,020 female soccer players over the course of one season, and found that injury rates on both artificial turf and grass were relatively similar.

The studies both found some slight increase Super Bowl 51 Live Stream in risk when it came to ankle injuries on turf. In the 2006 study, the risk of an ankle sprain was slightly greater in matches played on artificial turf versus grass (a ratio of about 4.83 injuries per 1,000 match hours played for artificial turf, to 2.66 injuries per 1,000 match hours played for grass). The researchers of the 2007 study also found that slightly more ankle ligament injuries occurred on artificial turf compared with grass.

This may be because turf surfaces are stiffer than grass surfaces, which can affect impact forces on the body’s bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, according to the 2007 study. Similarly, the friction between shoes and surfaces is higher on turf than on grass surfaces, which can affect rates of ankle and knee injuries, the authors of the study said.

Dorfman agrees, noting that ankle, knee and head injuries can be exacerbated on turf, which is a harder surface than grass. Turf also “tends to be a little sticky, so you can’t get the natural slide,” Dorfman said. This could affect ankle, toe and knee joints, he added. Finally, athletes who compete and train on turf are likely to experience soreness in their legs and lower back, given the harder surface, he said.

Numerous other factors, however, are likely to play just as great or even greater a role in injuries, including weather conditions, quality of the surface (whether it’s grass or turf), an athlete’s fitness level and impacts between players, the 2007 study noted.

Ultimately, Dorfman said, risk of injury doesn’t just come down to surface type, but also biomechanics: The greatest athletes know how to move their bodies Super Bowl 51 Live in the most efficient, safest way possible, properly aligning their bones and muscles and reducing the risk of injury.