Advertising in Super Bowl: Expensive but Likely to Attract Customers

Every year, big brands spend millions of dollars inviting celebrities to make a 30-second TV commercial at the Super Bowl. So what do they get after spending such a huge amount of money?

The Super Bowl is an economic opportunity of hundreds of millions of dollars every year that millions of Americans care about. Movie star Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage and film legend Morgan Freeman are just two of the many famous names participating in a special wave this occasion each year in the United States. The wave of Super Bowl commercials following the most watched television event in the country.

Even the richest man in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, doesn’t miss the opportunity to promote his company’s virtual assistant Alexa.

The influence of the Super Bowl is enormous. Approximately 110 million viewers while this figure is only 34 million with the prestigious Oscars ceremony. But according to advertising experts, this event is even more important.

Amy Avery, advertising agency Droga5, said people always like collective activities. When you watch the Super Bowl together, you are not just entertaining, but also communicating with each other and finding memorable things. We are creating emotions.

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet in general, the power of the Super Bowl with consumers still helps to pull back the attractiveness of the television advertising industry.

Super Bowl fans are counting down the days to see this year’s most anticipated sporting event. In the United States, whether you like or dislike rugby, the Super Bowl will still be the most-watched program. This is also a golden opportunity for manufacturers to introduce their products to the public.

As the Super Bowl is getting warmer and the game is only going to take place in a few days, the most obvious thing is that the commercials between the show are almost sold out.