Australia is about to host the American Rugby World Championship

To prepare for the American Rugby World Championship, hosted for the first time, hosted by Australia, the Australian Sports Federation is actively looking for young stars representing Australia to compete. In the short term, Australia will invite the American Football League to come to friendly matches in the hope that the Australian team will learn more from American players.
Rustem Todd and Marcos Delana are attending a rehearsal session at the Sydney Sports Center South. You are doing a speed test on a dedicated device. These are professional American football players.

Todd’s father, an American of Australians, always encouraged his son to play this sport. This is why he was in the University of NSW Raiders team. For him, Rugby is not simply a sport.

“This is a thinking sport, you know? There are many things in this subject, forcing you to “brainstorm” while playing. You must move continuously to find ways to take down the enemy team. It is really hard, but very entertaining. It will be more interesting if you get to the game field ”
Meanwhile, Delana said, he was very pleased with the role of a defense for the Sydney University of Technology team. According to Delana, this is a team sport, requiring people to really focus and perform well their roles.

“I only have the task of breaking the opponent’s passes. We had midfield, with the goal of scoring. And I play the role of defender behind the lineup “

In preparation for the World Rugby League, held for the first time in Australia, many players had to work hard, hoping to be named in the national team and Australian representatives in the national arena. sacrifice.

For Marcos Delana, this is an opportunity for him to bring glory to his country, and also an opportunity for his family to bloom.

“For many Polynesians, rugby is considered a King sport. So we played this sport right from a young age. If we don’t know how to play, we will be scolded by adults ”

Meanwhile, Rustum Todd not only strives to be on the Australian team, he also wants to develop his career abroad.

“We are still very young. Therefore, we hope to become the first batch, like Jordan player, to touch the dream of sports, in the United States, Europe, or anywhere. It will be a great experience. ”

American football is increasingly popular among young Australians. By hosting the International Tournament, organizers hope to receive more community attention, so that they will have funding to support American football clubs at Australia. Marcos Delana shared more.

“If it’s just playing at the club level, it’s really expensive at the moment. Because we lack funding, and lack of human resources. For example, wearing shoulder protectors, or protective caps, these things are also very expensive for us now. ”