Best performance at Super Bowl: When the Prince took down the King (part 1)

In 1993, King Michael Jackson went down in history when he joined 3,500 babies to sing the songs We Are the World and Heal the World at the Super Bowl event. But it was Prince who had the best performance of all time on this memorable stage.

American audiences and the whole world were delighted with the gigantic tiger-riding performance that entered the stage of singer Katy Perry, at the break of the US Super Bowl final.

Each year, the Super Bowl is not only a sporting event, but also a major music event in America. Because during the break, top stars often bring the audience the best musical performances.

Can anyone beat Prince?

Performing music at the Super Bowl is a very beautiful tradition, dating back to the early 90s. One of the first classic performances was that of King of Pop Michael Jackson in 1993 when he turned the stands into images of babies of all skin colors, drawn from the audience’s colors.

In addition, 3,500 children were taken to the football field to harmonize with Jackson on the song Heal The World, which created an extremely touching and humane scene. The year 1993 was a sensitive time when Jackson was involved in a child abuse lawsuit. So the image of him in the encirclement of thousands of children is even more memorable.
But that wasn’t enough to surpass Prince, with his 2007 performance considered by the New York Times to be the most thrilling, unpredictable and simply the best.

Performing in the Super Bowl has always been a challenge. Because in front of tens of thousands of people who love sports, what must artists do to combine them as one? Prince is known for being an artist with erotic lyrics and provocative performances. But at the Super Bowl he was unexpectedly obedient. And everyone loved that change, from spectators, tournament organizers, to the media, to tradition.