In American sports life, there are four outstanding faces: Boxing matches, NBA Basketball, WWE or Super Bowl for rugby, 4 mirrors. This big side has always been considered king sports, attracting a huge audience. From here, dozens of service areas are exploited by style, most notably the market that provides tickets to watch live matches selling seasonally, souvenir services, betting and having another area that has earned billions of dollars is the television system.

As we know, what is the concept of TVC advertising, or Television Commercial? a type of advertising broadcasted in television programs, this is the most fertile land, helping businesses and corporations operating in the field of production and promotion, introducing products Its new, coming to consumers around the world. It can be said that there is no better marketing solution in approaching and imprinting in the audience through the television system. Technology has helped the message of producers to easily promote their image to each household, ignoring the notion of time, geographical distance even today with the explosion of Information Technology. Believe it, it can easily reject both the boundaries of territorial boundaries, or the language and religion.

As mentioned above, the United States today is considered a superpower both economically and politically, it is this power that has contributed significantly to the promotion of American culture spread to all civilizations. again in the world. Evidence we have seen, everywhere there are the emergence of American brands such as Coca Cola, Mc Donald, Ford … In addition to the consumer sector, the entertainment sector such as Sports, Music, Movies The image also developed with great influence. The influence not only brought about the United States, the huge source of profits, but it also created a passionate fan culture.

In the framework of this article, we wants to introduce you to a special topic, it is considered a factor associated with the stature and influence of Rugby sport, one of 4 faces sports flourish in the United States. Surely among us, everyone knows or has a couple of times to watch this sport on the satellite TV, or Cable TV, the excitement and passion of American audiences with this sport, not inferior to any football game in Europe. And this sport, also considered the richest sport in American sports, why it is so named, because it simply attracts many audiences across the United States as well as in the world and that is also the goal that corporations, manufacturing companies in every field always desire towards, of course with their position, the economic value in this sport is very high.

Only by appearing in American Football League matches, manufacturers have paid a cheap price, it is estimated that to appear in 30 seconds of advertising in In the Super Bowl matches, people pay an average cost of up to 3 million Dollar. Some of the money that not any manufacturer can afford, of course the business results that the manufacturer receives from this investment are very positive, so the appearance in the matches Fighting in the Super Bowl tournament system is always the target of many big multinational brands.