Could Super Bowl LV Be Played Without Fans In Attendance?

The Super Bowl is one in every of the biggest activities in sports activities every year, with thousands and thousands of enthusiasts watching the game at domestic and thousands of human beings from throughout the globe attending this sport. However could the COVID-19 pandemic impact Super Bowl LV in a way we’ve never seen earlier than?

As the NFL makes plans to preserve a full season on schedule in 2020, the league is discussing many contingency plans to account for the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the opportunities, if the coronavirus delivers a 2nd wave, should see the league take drastic steps to maintain Super Bowl LV.

One NFL source recommended to Bleacher report’s Mike Freeman that the NFL would possibly want to consider now not permitting any lovers at the stadium for Super Bowl LV if matters worsen. Whilst the upcoming Super Bowl can be held in Florida, that’s starting up to all sports notwithstanding the pandemic, the NFL might need to reflect onconsideration on the worst-case scenario.

Many health workers accept as true with there might be a 2nd wave of the coronavirus in the iciness, which might result in endless more people trying out tremendous for the virus and the us suffering a first-rate setback. Given no vaccine is predicted for as a minimum a year, there is a chance that strict stay-at-domestic orders and bans on mass gatherings could go back in 2021.

The NFL has also taken into consideration moving Super Bowl LV lower back, potentially into March. The league has an agreement in place with Tampa to permit the NFL to apply Raymond James Stadium to host the Super Bowl on different dates in February.

Whilst Florida governor Ron DeSantis is opening the country again up and would love for it to be the house for sports activities to go back, he additionally is aware of the dangers of COVID-19. He cautioned in February, the virus may want to have unfold at Super Bowl LIV, which become held in Miami.

If a second and extra intense wave of the coronavirus hits and states are compelled to enact a long way stricter protocols, it’s possible the NFL would must play Super Bowl LV in an empty Raymond James Stadium. while the league would still revel in superb television scores, losing out on 65K-plus tickets sold and now not being capable of host fan events for Super Bowl week could be devastating.

Thankfully, everyone around the league stays assured at the moment that some NFL lovers may be capable of attend video games this season. If the worst-case scenario occurs, even though, it’s clever for the NFL to prepare for it.