Facts about 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance (part 2)

The two rappers assist each individual stage with J.Lo and Shakira in the same hometown as the other

This means rapper Bad Bunny (Puerto Rican) performs with Shakira (Colombian) and vice versa, rapper J Balvin (Colombian) performs with Jennifer Lopez (Puerto Rican). What a cultural message full of humanity.

Bad Bunny also wears a 13,000 Swarovski crystal shirt with the number 24 on the back, a move to commemorate the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Shakira’s tongue wiggle was a way for her to honor her native Lebanese blood

Accordingly, the segment of Shakira kicking the tongue continuously on television, emitting a funny sound is a traditional celebration of praise called zaghrouta.

Shakira cleverly integrated cultural icons into her stage

In addition, the opening dance of Shakira is called MapalĂ©, a traditional African-Colombian dance – the dance of Waka Waka also comes from the home country of Barranquilla, Colombia of Shakira, called champeta. It can be seen that Shakira has ingeniously integrated a series of cultural icons into her stage.

And Jennifer Lopez brought her daughter to the stage to perform with!

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is the girl who performed “Let’s Get Loud” with her mother. The image of dozens of silver cages, each with a child actor, symbolizes that children are separated from their families because of American law.

213 outfits, 143 pairs of shoes, 2 million Swarovski crystals, etc.

Versace is the costume designer for Jennifer Lopez. A total of 213 costumes and 143 pairs of shoes were used by J.Lo and her dancers for the Super Bowl stage. And Shakira uses the clothes of a Norwegian designer – Peter Dundas. Shakira’s outfit has nearly 2 million swarovski crystals.

J.Lo practiced dancing in 6 weeks.

Every day she and the backup dancers are practicing 9 hours a day. The J.Lo Ensemble is a hip-hop dance group that won the championship from New Zealand,

They support each other a lot

Although the two had separate stages, it was Shakira who was the accompanist for J.Lo in the song “Let’s Get Loud”. J.Lo also sang “Waka Waka” for Shakira.