How terrible is the income of American rugby players?

The most famous American rugby league
If in the world, football is considered a king sport, then in America, rugby is more popular among people.

Along with basketball, baseball, and rugby, most Americans liked it and considered it as one of the symbols of teamwork, strength, and solidarity. Therefore, in the country of flowers, one can easily see the stadiums built for the largest and most modern rugby in the world.
Because of the popularity of this sport in the country of the flower flag, American football tournaments are extremely rich. However, the most common are two big rugby tournaments including the NFL professional award and the university’s amateur prize.

Super Bowl (also known as American Super Cup, Sunday Super Cup), is the name of the NFL (National Football League) annual championship match – American National Football League function. This tournament started in 1967, taking place on the first Sunday of February.
In this grand tournament, the champion will receive the prestigious Vince Lombardi Trophy trophy, named after the Green Bay Parkers coach. This is the team that won the first two Supber Bowl matches. This team also won 3 out of 5 NFL tournaments in 1961, 1962, 1965.
This gold trophy, worth $ 25,000, was crafted exclusively by Tiffany & Co. The best player (Most Valuable Player) of the match will be chosen to award the Peter-Rozelle cup. The trophy name is named after the former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. Not only that, each member of the champion team will be given a Super Bowl ring made of gold and metal, diamonds.

As a king sport in the United States, a leading power in the world, the income of American rugby players is also in the top tier. Here are detailed information about the amount that some American rugby stars earn.

The income is desirable for football player Tom Brady
It can be said, Tom Brady is the legendary name in American rugby village. He is the second midfielder in American football history to win five Super Bowl Super Cups. Therefore, the income of this male player is also worth the dream.

Andrew Luck is one of the highest earning American rugby players of the American National Football League in 2017. Recently, Colts Club has renewed a contract worth $ 123 million, lasting for 5 years with Luck. At the same time, he also has sponsorship agreements with many companies like Panini, TD Ameritrade, DirecTV, BodyArmor.

In addition to the cult names, some famous players with high income of American rugby village also have Kirk Cousins of Minnesota Vikings club (28 million USD), Matthew Stafford of Detroit Lions club (27 million).

Oakland Raiders club Derek Carr is also one of the rugby stars with a terrible income of $ 25 million a year.