HYUNDAI’S CMO on the brand’s Super Bowl “Secret Sauce”

Angela Zepeda, who took over as Hyundai’s U.S. Chief advertising officer less than three months in the past, receives proper to the point when speakme about the position extremely Super Bowl advertising plays for the automaker. “The stakes are always excessive and the expectation is always we will win,” she stated for the duration of an interview at CES this week.

The enterprise, which in November showed it’ll be in the game for the 12th time inside the past thirteen years, has a history of scoring properly in 1/3-party Super Bowl advert trackers. But if Zepeda is feeling any stress, she isn’t showing it. whilst this may be her first Super Bowl as CMO, she’s pretty familiar with the automaker’s preceding efforts after having served as senior vice chairman and handling director of Hyundai corporation-of-report Innocean, wherein she led the Hyundai account.

In the interview, she shared what she says is the “mystery sauce” for outstanding Bowl advertising and marketing and additionally explained why her transition from organisation exec to CMO has been, in her words, “seamless.” this is partially due to the fact the business enterprise and automaker are closely connected: Innocean is subsidized by way of the founding family of Hyundai Motor Co. She also explains the automaker’s method to in-vehicle tech.

What is it like shifting from an organisation to purchaser aspect?
Due to the fact Inocean is a completely unique enterprise to Hyundai in that it is a part of the associate organization of agencies this is within its atmosphere, it’s a completely tight courting. The organisation is truely an extension of the advertising department. My position that I had at Innocean turned into very tons approximately constructing commercial enterprise plans in addition to advertising and marketing plans. So it wasn’t a traditional function wherein i was simply doing advertising and marketing or verbal exchange. i used to be very lots aligned in what Hyundai become doing as an real agency to grow and emerge as a bigger player within the automobile space.

What is the formulation for a great Super Bowl advertisment?
The secret sauce is virtually locating a human truth, telling it in a way that emotionally connects—whether or not that means method through humor or to touch a person thru the heart —after which do it in a manner that still conveys a few statistics. We’ve determined that the ones 3 little points pulled together have certainly been a winning method for us. You spatter in a celeb and a few different matters humans are looking for inside the Super Bowl and we suppose we have sincerely nailed it and had top notch fulfillment.

How does Hyundia view in-automobile technology?
We want to have safety and technology, pleasant in magnificence, be to be had to customers even in the base model. We don’t need it to feel find it irresistible’s usually an add-on or an extra fee or an extra premium.

We are sincerely bullish on getting very first-to-market kind of era on the motors, like blind-spot screen or what we call clever parking assist, which really is far flung way to park and unpark your car. there is some sincerely extraordinary stuff going on. And for us, getting it inside the palms of every patron and democratizing that generation is the goal.