Jennifer Lopez: Performing at Super Bowl Is Like Winning An Oscar

This is Jennifer Lopez’s comparison of the value of performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020 with Shakira.

Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2020 and even more than a month after this news was announced, she was still extremely excited and happy. The one who shared the stage with Jennifer at the September sports event was Sakira.

In an interview at CBS Sunday Morning, Jennifer said she found it difficult to wait for a long time until the show. Because for her, performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show was her dream for many years. It was like winning an Oscar. It was the best show she had been waiting for many years.

She excitedly shared that she will have a huge audience at the Super Bowl. And such a performance was something she couldn’t do on tour because of budget issues. It was a special experience and an illusion for all artists. It will be a memorable 12 minutes in a great show!

Although it was not until September that the performance took place, Jennifer Lopez started preparing for her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020. She and Shakira will have a truly massive performance that is heavily invested.

When asked about her preparation, she smiled and said that she didn’t have much time. Both female singers are starting. They still have to develop it a little more. Jennifer also said that regardless of the direction of the performance, the goal is still herself happy and the audience happy.

Through the story of Jennifer Lopez, we can clearly see her excitement, enthusiasm and happiness. In addition, her companion, Shakira, is also an outstanding artist who has many sporty songs. We can totally look forward to the combination of these two queens of Latin music with many hits.