Justin Timberlake Received A Warning Letter Before Super Bowl Halftime Show 2018

After two infamous Justin Timberlake stages, many parents were very concerned about his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Justin Timberlake had a tough performance last year.

Everyone probably remembered the famous performance in the 2004 Super Bowl when Justin Timberlake “accidentally” exposed the sensitive part of Janet Jackson right on the live broadcast. This is the incident that caused the singer’s career to collapse and the one who caused the mistake is Justin Timberlake, quickly famous.

Next, the singer continued to cause controversy when he touched Kylie Minogue’s third round while performing at the Brit Awards stage.

That is why many parents are worried their children might have to witness something “dirty” from this star. The Parents Television Council made an urgent request in the letter to Justin. They asked him to abstain from performing at the Super Bowl Halftime 2018.

They said that the incident during his performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII has left a pretty bad impression on the viewers, especially the parents. He really made millions of other parents disappointed. The scandalous outfit incident has been in the newspaper for weeks, even as the country was preparing to go to war with Iraq. When the Super Bowl LII and the middle of the show took place, they asked him to keep a certain degree and make sure the show was suitable for children.

The Council continued to ask Justin Timberlake to pay attention to audience consideration when performing in Minnesota while minimizing the sensitive factors that may touch aspects of culture.

Children face harmful and explicit content in today’s media. The Super Bowl Halftime Show should be considered as an important milestone of the entertainment industry and a safe and enjoyable destination for the whole family. Fortunately, Justin Timberlake does not intend to repeat what happened in the previous performances.