Kane wants to play in the American Rugby League

England captain striker plans to switch to playing football.
“The desire to play in the NFL (American rugby league) is real,” said Harry Kane. “That’s what I want to try in the next 10 or 12 years. If you play in the Premier League, the World Cup and the NFL, will you be recognized as one of the great sports athletes?”

Tottenham’s star admits he has a great passion for American football. He named two dogs in two idols, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. In it, Kane admired Tom Brady, the six-time NFL champion, and inspired Kane to come to the sport.

“At first, I just watched him through YouTube,” Kane recalls. “Tom is 41 years old and not many people think he has reached the level he is now, becoming one of the best in history. We have one thing in common. We are not good at birth. “But when I look at Tom, anything can happen. If you believe in yourself and have a desire, anything you can do.”

This season, Harry Kane has scored 17 goals in 26 Premier League appearances. With what was stated, Harry Kane could switch to playing rugby after leaving his career.

The position Kane wants to play in the NFL is kicker (the player who kicks the ball). This is the “least” paid-for position at the American rugby league – only about a million dollars a year, but best suited to Kane. “I want to go there to be the best, not because of money,” the England striker stressed.
Tom Brady is the star quarterback of the New England Patriots, the team that won the Super Bowl last month. Kane was invited by Brady to the club’s happy party, after winning the America’s most expensive sports match.

Tottenham Hostpur Stadium’s new home ground, with a capacity of 62,000 seats, will host two NFL matches in 2019. Kane confirmed he was definitely in these two events.