Maroon 5 and Super Bowl Halftime Show

In time to celebrate, Maroon 5 was signed by 35,000 people to cancel the show at Super Bowl 2019!

The story of more than 30,000 spectators opposing the group performing at the Super Bowl is not enough pressure or now, almost the whole showbiz in the United States has turned away from Maroon 5 on stage performance. Maroon 5 is currently having a hard time finding someone who is kind enough to take part in the group on Super Bowl stage in 2019.

Due to the behind-the-scenes clashes of the biggest tournament in the United States regarding human rights issues, the Super Bowl is currently in the midst of a massive boycott. Artist brothers and sisters from Hollywood who show support for this boycott, some also fear that the pressure is rising from the audience also refusing. This is a dead end for Maroon 5 now.

Reportedly, Cardi B initially accepted the acting for Maroon 5. But due to many rumors and pressure from human rights issues related to himself, talented rapper Cardi B now also asked to withdraw his name from the list of performers. Not only her, but also Rihanna, P! Nk, Beyoncé and Jay-Z also coldly refused.

With so much trouble and pressure, it is unknown how Maroon 5 will face this performance. The performance must be burning continuously for 12 minutes to 15 minutes without anyone helping, the European will be a big burden.

Many viewers said that they were really disappointed in Maroon 5 ‘s stage. The songs selected by the group to perform suddenly became strange, Adam Levine suddenly showed tension, diffused and breathless, decorated the stage Lack of creativity. All made a huge disappointment among fans in particular and viewers watching television today.

This also explains why the clip back to this performance was only posted for 2 hours but it had a significant difference: 11,000 likes / 52,000 dislike in total 445,000 views. The dislike number almost jumped to five times the number of likes, a case that has never been in the history of Super Bowl performances. What a sad thing for the owner to hit Sugar.