Security before the Super Bowl

With only a few more days, the world’s most anticipated rugby match will take place, the 50th Super Bowl in history between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. And to make sure everything goes well, the organizers have built the most powerful security plan ever.
Accordingly, approximately 60 state and local law enforcement agencies will be present at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. In addition to the “commander” of the US Department of Homeland Security, together with the supervision of the match, there is also the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) and US Secret Service (USSS). with an “unprecedented” rigor.

In addition to the working dogs of the famous K-9 program, the FBI said its rapid reaction force, along with experts on bombs and digitals, will also be mobilized when an emergency is encountered.
“One of the first steps of protection is to introduce the scene in the surveillance area first,” US Park police chief Neil Wu said. more fruit ”.

Help for hundreds of secret agents is the most advanced device. “See-through” technology, scanning images through automotive panels, allows the driver to identify faces and send them directly to the FBI’s giant biometric data system. Similarly, personal phones are also strictly monitored with the global positioning system.

A giant X-ray machine will also be used to keep track of the boxes that are moved into the stadium. David Johnson, FBI agent of the San Francisco branch, said: “Big events like the Super Bowl have always been a favorite target for terrorists when there are so many people involved.”
Notably, US military helicopters and fighters will appear during the event, including the appearance of the famous F-15 fighter. This air force has been training for the past few months to prepare for protection plans at Super Bowl 50.

The US Aviation Administration (FAA), the United States Air Force (U.S Air Force) and California’s aviation security force will establish a no-fly zone during the match. Before that, from February 4, the airspace around the stadium will be restricted to these helicopters.
This means that every audience will be controlled for every “hairline”, and millions of people who intend to get close to the stadium will not be able to avoid the look of aerial helicopters.

And yet, due to the match taking place in Santa Clara, near the San Francisco Bay Area, the US Coast Guard will create a private territory during the game.

With the average ticket price to the yard is US $ 5,020, about US $ 4.2 billion for betting (even illegal), 30 seconds running ads cost US $ 5 million and the value of this match brings about 620 million USD, it’s not hard to understand why the Super Bowl 50 security is so tight.