Super Bowl 2019: $5.25 Million for 30 Seconds of Advertising

The ad price in Super Bowl, the largest rugby event in the United States this year, amounted to $ 5.25 million for just 30 seconds of broadcast.

On Sunday 3-2, big brands like Budweiser beer and Pepsi beverage will continue to spend millions of dollars in their advertising budget. The Super Bowl is the annual championship match of the National Football League (NFL). This event dates back to 1967 and is usually held on the first Sunday of February.

CNBC said the Super Bowl is now feverish to audiences who don’t even know what football is. This is a program that attracts more than hundred million viewers in the US alone. More than 100 million people across the country are expected to watch the sporting event, even though NFL television ratings have dropped in recent seasons. Last year’s Super Bowl viewership dropped by 7% to 103 million.

The Super Bowl host this year, CBS, collected a record high of $ 5.25 million for just 30 seconds of advertising during the championship match between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots. That means that advertisers have to spend $ 175,000 / second. This price increased only slightly compared to $ 5.2 million last year, $ 1 million higher than the cost of advertising in the 2014 Super Bowl.

After only a decade, the average advertising price in the Super Bowl has almost doubled. Specifically, market research firm Nielsen Media Research reported that the average 30 seconds of advertising in the event cost 2.69 million in 2008.

Advertisers even spend millions of dollars just to market ads for their Super Bowl. This year Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser’s parent company, purchased a record 6 minutes 30 seconds long advertisement in the match next Sunday. The total cost is estimated at 34 million USD.

However, CBS will say no to some items despite the lucrative advertising costs. The radio recently rejected a one-minute advertising deal from Acreage Holdings, a medical marijuana company. CBS announced that it will not post cannabis related advertisements.