Super Bowl 2019: Is Maroon 5 Just A Reluctant Choice?

It turned out that Maroon 5 was the last invited performer reluctantly after having had more than 5 stars to reject this peak stage.


Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the planet with performances that are so invested that it can burn the viewers’ eyes. There are many celebrities who wish to perform here even once in their lives, but there are also superstars who ignore the offer to perform without regret. The first one is Adele.

The performers at Super bowl are often the ones who are able to transmit the fire to the athletes preparing to go to the stadium. But for Adele, her music was not so exciting and she could not dance so the reason for the refusal was completely accepted by the public.

It should be on this year’s Super Bowl stage, we will see the most powerful couple showbiz America Jay-Z and Beyonce lead hands together to perform here. However, Jay-Z and Beyonce have also turned down the offer because they are also busy with the schedule of the North American tour on The Run II this year.

According to some sources, Rihanna was the first person invited by the station to perform at Super Bowl 2019. But there were rumors after the negotiation between the two parties. Both sides were dissatisfied in terms of contract so Rihanna accepted to give up this desirable performance.


After receiving a harsh refusal from Rihanna, the station contacted female singer P!nk. With the belief that P!nk received the national anthem in 2017, she can also recite the main performance this year at the tournament. But unfortunately, both P!nk was uncompromising, she was the next person Jay-Z and Rihanna refused to accept this golden opportunity. Because above all, P!nk also put her support on Colin Kaepernick.

Cardi B

Rookie rapper Cardi B, despite being a young person in the profession, desperately needs the Super Bowl stage to make her name even bigger. However, when the station thought about giving her a private stage to satisfy the region, Cardi B also refused. Because Cardi was also an enthusiastic supporter of Kaepernick’s actions. In a speech at the 2017 VMAs awards ceremony, she insisted to stand by his side no matter what.