Super Bowl 2019: The battlefield of advertisers

The Super Bowl 2019, which took place in early February, has stunned the public with huge revenue from advertising.

Super Bowl is one of the world’s most watched TV events. The match took place on February 3 and saw a fascinating duel from two teams, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. The New England Patriots is one of the most successful clubs in American football history to win the championship five times. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams is a club with 83 years of history and crowned three times.

Rugby is the sport of the United States. In more than 30 years, this event has been more aggressive marketing when the break of the match also witnessed beautiful performances of famous musicians and singers. Viewers of the Super Bowl are so high that only the Champions League final is an annual event with a larger audience.

Recently, American broadcasters posted information about the race to win commercials before, during and after the Super Bowl. Large corporations like Budweiser or Pepsi are willing to pay millions of dollars to advertise. And this year CBS TV channel, the channel will broadcast the match, has a record price of 5.25 million USD only for a 30-second ad. It means an average of $ 175,000 per second.

This price is slightly higher than the price of $ 5.2 million of the 2018 Super Bowl. For more than 10 years the price has doubled from 2.69 million USD in 2008. 1995 was the first time the price was The Super Bowl report reached $ 1 million when it cost $ 1.15 million, soaring $ 900,000 from 1994.

It is estimated that there will be more than 100 million people following the Super Bowl 2019. That is only in the United States because this event will be broadcast on at least more than 50 other countries worldwide. Therefore, famous corporations and brands are willing to pay huge prices for advertising. It is known that Budweiser beer company has spent about 34 million USD for 6 and a half minutes of advertising.