Super Bowl 2020: An Unforgettable Performance by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez had a hot performance on the Super Bowl stage 2020. The performance of the two Latin queens exceeded the audience’s expectations.

Recently, the performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez on the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami (USA) made the audience excited. The combination of two Latin queens made music lovers think that this was an unforgettable stage performance ever.

J.Lo had a pole dance that made the audience cheered continuously. The singer performed hit series like Jenny From the Block, Ain’t It Funny and Get Right.

Later, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez joined together to perform the song Waka Waka, making the stage explode. With the internal vocals as well as the hot latin dance showing off the sexy curves, the two female singers made the audience present in the stands to see an impressive performance! In addition to the vocalists, the two entertained the audience with a hot, charismatic dance performance.

Earlier, the moment Shakira appeared in a red dress made millions unable to take their eyes off her. The singer performed the hit series She Wolf, Whenever Wherever, Chantaje full of energy, which could almost burn the audience. She made the viewers not take their eyes off by the skillful and charismatic dance moves. The Colombian vocalist also covered a part of Cardi B’s I Like It with the participation of rapper Bad Bunny.

Shakira is not too tall but she is always considered a symbol of beauty in Latin. Whether in real life or on the stage, Shakira receives admiration and admiration for her hot and charismatic beauty.

After Shakira’s performance, J.Lo appeared on a tall pillar that kept the audience cheering. The female singer born in 1969 looks more fiery than ever when performing a skilled pole dance on the stage. J.Lo’s performance attracted the eyes of the audience. Jennifer Lopez also collaborated with J Balvin to perform the songs Que Calor, Mi Gente and My Love Don’t Cost a Thing. She dressed as a female warrior with full of pride and charm.