Super Bowl 2020: Rihanna Was Voted More Than Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are the two artists who will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020. However, in a previous survey, Rihanna was the most voted audience.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is known not only for the mid-hour performance in the American Super Bowl Final, but also the most anticipated music event of the year with spectacularly invested performances. The influence of the Super Bowl and the performance at this program is not small. Therefore, as soon as the rumor that Shakira will play a “leading” role in the Super Bowl 2020 is widely discussed, people have constantly commented and speculated on the faces that can handle this big stage.

Accordingly, the female star who received the most votes was her “beauty blogger” Rihanna. Although everyone knows she neglected her music to be absorbed in her career as a fashion entrepreneur, Fenty Beauty, people still chose Rihanna because her talent stirred up the stage with mesmerizing dances and fiery vocals. Another reason why most people voted for Rihanna is because she is about to make a big comeback with her ninth studio album later this year. The album is predicted to be a big hit with the USUK music industry in the near future. Choosing a hit on such an epic album to perform at the Super Bowl 2020 makes perfect sense!

Rihanna is closely followed by the golden girl in the village cheering Shakira. Only leaving behind Diamonds 6%, Shakira pity ranked second. However, this is also a heavyweight opponent that will most likely actually be called to perform at the Super Bowl stage this year. With “full experience” in performing at stadiums, big events like the World Cup, will singer Shakira “beat” Rihanna in this war?

And finally, with a modest vote of 12%, Jennifer Lopez was not expected by the audience to be more likely for this position. However, with a long career in singing, will this female star really be completely “inferior” to Shakira and Rihanna?