Super Bowl and Copa America: Two Biggest Sports Tournaments in America

Super Bowl and Cope America are two of America’s largest sporting events. They have a great influence on the culture in particular and the way of life in this continent. Let’s find out more about these two tournaments through this article below.

Super Bowl is America’s biggest football league in particular and the world in general. Although not as popular as tennis or football, rugby is always one of the most profitable sporting events and has the right to buy copyright into the most expensive type of sports. The money that businesses pay for every second of advertising in this tournament is extremely expensive.

Even, Super Bowl Halftime Show, the show in the middle of the hour in the final of the tournament, also received huge expectations. Top artists in the world must participate in hard performances with lots of pressure but not receive any money back. In return, their reputation and profits from their music products can skyrocket after only 30 minutes of performance in this tournament.

In most of the years, Super Bowl is the most watched program in US television broadcasts. Super Cup Sunday of the Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events but is now considered a national holiday for the United States.

If Super Bowl dominates North America, Copa America is the “king” of South America. This is a soccer tournament that champions national teams in South America organized by CONMEBOL. The oldest international football tournament in the world was held for the first time in 1916. In addition to 10 members of CONMEBOL, since 1993 each award has 2 more teams from other football federations (usually CONCACAF) invited to attend. Since South America has only 10 teams, this tournament has no qualifiers. Uruguay is the team that won the championship the most times (15 times).

Since 1993, the tournament has the participation of 12 teams – 10 South American teams and 2 teams from other continents. Mexico has been a regular participant in the tournament since 1993. In 1999, the Japan Asian team (AFC) was invited to attend. The 2016 prize, Copa América Centenario, is dedicated to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the tournament, including 16 teams, with the six strongest teams in North America – CONCACAF and 10 teams from South America – CONMEBOL. It was also the first time the tournament was held outside of South America. This is also known as the first all-American championship football tournament. So far, only Mexico has been the only guest to achieve the highest achievement when winning the runner-up in 2001.