Super Bowl Halftime Show: How Much Are The Performers Paid?

You will be surprised to know the amount of money that Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé received for their appearance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show show.

Maroon 5 has just stirred Super Bowl’s Halftime Show 2019 with a spectacular performance and marked the level of the world’s top star. Since the mid-hour show of the Super Bowl has been upgraded in 1991, a number of the world’s largest stars have been selected for annual performances such as Michael Jackson, U2, Prince, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. However, a question mark is always asked, how much will the organizers pay for these artists for such an appearance?

The answer was surprisingly unexpected, not millions of dollars as catse for their usual shows, but no money. The Forbes site also reported that the National Football League spokesperson stated that they did not pay artists but paid for the production.

Artists are like singing for free at this event, but Super Bowl Halftime Show is always the stage that anyone wishes to be once on it. There are many reasons why the show is so prestigious. First of all, the ability to reach an infinite audience for every 12 minutes shows up at the Super Bowl when nearly half of the US population is watching directly through the small screen (worldwide can go up to 1 billion people watch this event on multiple broadcast platforms. Their names were also promoted aggressively before and after the show.

In terms of the magnificence of each stage, it is possible to see the performances of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Artists are creative with the optimal support of high technology and a team of leading experts in the world. Of course, the organizers pay for production costs and each artist himself has a sponsor to compensate for the huge amount of money. Last but not least, their product consumption after the show immediately spiked 2 to 3 times on all sides, from streaming to selling discs and tour tickets.