Super Bowl Helps Maroon 5’s Revenue Increase by More Than 500%

Despite the flop, Maroon 5 still receives many benefits from Super Bowl Halftime Show. That’s why Maroon 5 still accepts to stand on this stage even if this band doesn’t get paid.

“Super Bowl Halftime Show” is called the biggest show on the planet, where every leading star in the world wishes to stand on stage. The main reason why it is so hot comes from the fact that about 1 billion people around the world follow it every year, meaning that the artist will get a huge bargain after performing here.

As the leader of this big stage, Maroon 5 brings a spectacular stage to the Super Bowl and style of the band, not colorful but still burning. However, the lines of conflicting opinions were raised, on the one hand, people were crazy about the performance, the other side said it was boring. If anyone is used to the political, drama, colorful or tribute elements someone brought into this big stage of previous artists, it is inevitable to feel excited about Maroon 5’s performance merely … music with music.

That is the reason why the band’s clip when being uploaded by NFL on youtube channel is always eating a huge dislike rate, many times more like. Not to mention because the first clip was posted with technical problems, the audio and video were out of phase, so the NFL had to take down and upload it again.

However, Super Bowl Halftime Show still offers huge benefits for artists. The most obvious evidence is that after the show hosted by Maroon 5 last day, despite being tattered, the sale of 6 songs sold by the group still increased by 587%, from 3,000 sales of the previous day to 18,000 , which is nearly 6 times more (according to statistics from Nielsen).

Particularly, two guests, Big Boi and Travis Scott, also have more benefits. Scott’s “Sicko Mode” increased by 80%, while “Way You Move” performed by Big Boi soared 3408% (from a single figure to 3,000 units sold).