Super Bowl LV Odds: Saints in Danger of Losing Their Crown

Sometimes prosperity is our worst enemy. The New Orleans Saints came into the 2020 season with the fanfare of a team having long past 13-3 the previous two years and primed for every other run at the Super Bowl. Not so fast! Losers of two games in a row, the first such dropping streak considering 2017, the Saints are slipping in the standings, however additionally in the odds of making it to the Big Game. Just how massive of a tumble did the Saints take?

Note: Odds do no longer definitely appear at the teams’ record. They aspect in parameters such as schedule, places where the video games are played, where a team’s bye week falls in the schedule. So, if from time to time these odds seem odd, just comprehend they are no longer plucked out of skinny air and regularly will accurately predict the consequence of the season.

After their week 2 loss to the Raiders, 538 had the Saints 6th in the entire NFL with 6% odds of prevailing the Super Bowl. Another loss later, this time a domestic defeat to NFC foes Green Bay Packers, the Saints are now twelfth in the NFL in odds of making it to Tampa in February 2021. New Orleans’ odds had been slashed to 3%.

Noteworthy is the wide variety of NFC contenders that have now exceeded the Saints: At 3-0, the Packers pinnacle the NFC (10% odds) and are second ordinary in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks are 0.33 in the NFL and second in the NFC, with 9% odds. The 49ers (5th, 6%), Bears (8th, 4%), Rams (10th, 4%) and Buccaneers (11th, 4%) are all in advance of the Saints in an increasingly crowded NFC contending field.

For the first time this season, the Saints are no longer preferred anymore to win the NFC South, as the 2-1 Buccaneers now have that transient crown with 46% odds, vs. the Saints’ 40%. New Orleans still has a 57% risk of making the postseason.

Only three games have been played of course, and these odds will exchange as wins and losses occur. It is interesting then again to notice that the Saints now have actual opposition no longer solely in the conference, however in a division that they have owned the past three seasons.

Football Outsiders have cherished the Saints all season and that continues this week, as FO nonetheless has the Saints with 8.4% odds of winning the Super Bowl. The Saints are beforehand of the Ravens (7.3%) which makes senses seeing that the Baltimore Birds are in the same conference with the Chiefs, which they cannot seem to be in a position to beat.

Where it gets virtually fascinating is in FO’s precise playoffs odds. In the NFC South, the Saints have a 64.1% chance of making the playoffs, behind the Bucs (68.4%). As with Five Thirty Eight, New Orleans is now behind Tampa Bay in odds of triumphing the division (42.3% vs 45.9%). Despite that, New Orleans is beforehand of Tampa Bay in odds of making the NFC Championship game.

Despite their slow start, the odds are nonetheless mostly in choose of the Saints to make something excellent out of this early season. Now, a loss in Detroit, with the crew lacking a couple of starters, might have humans in and backyard the Saints’ organisation ringing the alarm bell and panickin