Super Bowl Super Star: Tom Brady and his extraordinary willpower (part 2)

A few months later, Brady was selected by the New England Patriots in the … draft round … 199 in the sixth draft round. When Brady was just a pro, Brady was just a backup quarterback, but from that moment on he asserted Patriots boss Robert Kraft his confidence. He said choosing him was the best decision of this team in history. This story is part of the reason England striker Harry Kane admires Tom Brady. Kane was also eliminated by the Arsenal youth team and was loaned out to lower-ranked clubs before finding a place in the Tottenham squad.

Ever since playing for the school team, Brady has told the coach that if he were to play in the NFL, the Patriots would never use Drew Bledsoe. At that time, Bledsoe was the official quarterback of the Patriots and even considered the top star of the NFL. However, serious injury in the 2001 season caused Bledsoe to sit out and create opportunities for rookie Brady.

Patriots’ cornerback from 2000 to 2004, Ty Law told ESPN: when Tom came out in the first team, they just hoped he didn’t make a mistake. He did not disrespect Drew, but he did his best, making coach Bill Belichick and boss Kraft unable to bring Drew back to the main lineup.

A statistic indicates that only 5% of players maintain a career in rugby until the age of 42. Brady does that with a harsh diet – sleep – workout. Private chef Allen Campbell revealed 80% of the food that Brady loaded with vegetables. He drinks a lot of water every day and regularly eats fish and fruits. The list of foods and drinks that Brady doesn’t use can shock many people. In Men’s Health, Brady says he sometimes relaxes and treats himself, but only when it’s the best food. A good relationship with teammates is also a factor to help Brady reach the top. He places very high demands on the pitch with his teammates, but shows interest in real life.