Super Bowl Super Star: Tom Brady leaves New England Patriots

Tom Brady, rugby player who won the Super Bowl six times, left the New England Patriots after 20 years together.

Brady will turn 43 next August. He is considered the greatest player in American football history (NFL) with six Super Bowl champions and a number of other prestigious records. In 2019, Brady, aged 41 and six months, became the oldest player to win the Super Bowl, a sports event that sets a record for followers in the United States.

Tom Brady joined the NFL in 2000 in the 199th draft and has only played for New England Patriots ever since. He took the quarterback role, which is one of the most important positions in rugby. It is like the equivalent to the midfielder in football. Apart from that, there are only about 5% of the players who can maintain a career at the age of 42 like him.

In all Brady seasons starting in the quarterback position, the Patriots have won more than they lost in the main season. In 2019, Brady was renewed by the Patriots for a two-year contract, earning $ 23 million per season. Brady’s last season with the Patriots ended unexpectedly, when the team lost shock to the Tennessee Titans in the play-offs. The two sides reached an agreement to terminate the contract and Brady became a free agent from today 18/3.

Although Brady is not at his peak, many NFL teams are ready to recruit him. The three-time best player in the tournament has yet to reveal the next destination, but US media revealed Brady could join Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders or return home to California for Los Angeles Chargers.

Brady wrote on Twitter that even though his rugby journey would continue elsewhere, he always remembered his accomplishments with the New England Patriots. He feels honored to know and have great memories with everyone on the team. The past two decades were the happiest times in his life. He expressed his true love and appreciation for his time in New England.