Super Bowl Superstar: Tom Brady’s obsession with victory

At an age where many other players have retired, Brady still wants to continue fighting to 45, even 50 years old. He still aspires to win like the way he has shown throughout his career. On the field, Brady is always famous for his enthusiasm and likes to blow off his anger. He once admitted he hated the feeling of defeat and had to practice his body language to not make his teammates too terrified. Brady used to have a conversation that encouraged teamwork so they wouldn’t lose in a charity match against a rival local firefighters.

Darrelle Revis, teammate at the Patriots, even likened Brady’s desire to win a disease. He said that Tom’s disease is always wanting to compete and destroy all opponents. From the outside, the audience can see that he is an aggressive person. But having to practice with Tom every day to see how much that desire is. We can’t understand why he’s been so successful seeing how he approaches the game every day.

It is Brady’s high demand that makes his teammates better. Because every practice match with them is no different from an official match with Brady on the field. According to Business Insider, Brady even sacrificed more than $ 60 million in remuneration in his contract at the Patriots to help the team have money to strengthen their forces, thereby creating a stronger team.

Brady doesn’t just hate losing in American rugby. I hate losing in all areas. Former teammate Danny Amendola said Brady broke his racquet after losing a ping pong match. Wes Welker told about his and Brady’s plane bet. Welker played a game for fun with Tom and beat him in the first few innings. His bet is 200 USD. He began to tease Tom and found his expression clearly exasperated. Tom even threw the chessboard to the floor before going back to play with Welker. Finally, Tom won against me 300 USD and smiled happily ever seen. I withdraw money to pay, but Tom refused to take it. He just wants to win.

On March 20, Brady signed a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team worth $ 50 million. On social networking sites, most Patriots fans sent their blessings instead of resentment to Brady. For them, it was too lucky to see a living legend like Brady play. And many also expressed hope Brady will return to the Patriots shirt for a season before retiring.