Super Bowl: The Opportunity of Economic Growth of Hundreds of Millions of USD/Day

The Super Bowl is the annual championship competition held on the first Sunday of February 2019 in the United States. Super Bowl Sunday is the day Americans generously hooked up for eating the second most of the year after Thanksgiving. The average American spends more than $ 80 on this unofficial holiday. This is the opportunity to rush into the pocket of food and drink vendors.

Pizza Hut quickly took a golden opportunity to sell up to 2 million more pizzas in just one Sunday. The good news for chicken wings stores is that it is estimated that Americans will consume 1.3 billion units while enjoying the Super Bowl. According to a report from the National Retail Federation of America, stores earned $ 15.3 billion in revenue around the event in 2018.

Super Bowl is the most-watched program of US television broadcasts. Due to the record high viewership of 110 million people, this is also an opportunity to scoop up gold from commercials for exclusive TV broadcast. The Super Bowl mid-match ad price in 2016 was $ 5 million for a 30-second ad. The cost of advertising appearing in Super Bowl periods gradually escalated to become the most expensive advertising cost of the year. If counted from the first Super Bowl, the amount of money brands have to spend for 1 second of advertising has increased 120 times.

Emotions are the secret to help advertising hit the user psychology. So brands like Coca Cola or McDonald’s are familiar, but they still occupy an expensive ad every year to maintain a good impression in the hearts of consumers.

Not only noticed by sports fans but also for music and film lovers, the Super Bowl 2019 is also an event not to be missed because the focus is the great music performance between the match and the Information on the blockbuster of the year was revealed during the match.