The Most Important Milestone of Super Bowl Halftime Show

Super Bowl Halftime Show is known as a mid-break show in the American Super Cup Final. However, after 52 seasons, the Super Bowl Halftime Show went far beyond the entertainment program, which became one of America’s most anticipated stages and the pride of the artists. However, when did Super Bowl Halftime Show become so popular?

In 1991, Super Bowl Halftime Show became the hottest show of the year

Super Bowl midday music show The Halftime Show was part of the event since the first Super Bowl was held and aired in 1967. However, during the early Super Bowl Halftime Show, Super Bowl was held. At the university stadiums throughout the United States, most performances will be performed by student bands. Known from 1967 to 1990, Super Bowl Halftime Show programs are mostly just a break, with themes around the tournament and directly related to representative schools.

In 1991, the landmark of Super Halftime Show became the most anticipated show of the year when the sponsors of big brands, typically Pepsi, participated. So Super Bowl Halftime Show is invested in a larger, more promotional – entertaining and more distinct musical color. The show continuously invited to the stage the big music stars like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, etc. The venue was also transferred to prestigious stadiums, which accommodated up to hundreds of millions of people.

Also from the time when Super Bowl Halftime Show was raised to the music stage of famous singers, not only Pop but also music types like Rock and EDM were also expressed by artists. Musical personalities appear on the stage in turn to bring more messages about America (religion, race, other social problems) and the message of love to the King sport. This is also the reason why Super Bowl Halftime Show has become more and more attractive, especially with the era of technology development like today.