The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl

The most effective ideal conclusion to a wild NFL season wherein not anything makes experience is for the Patriots to by some means succeed and win but every other Super Bowl. this could make you careworn, or maybe indignant (or thrilled in case you’re a Pats fan) — however you’re simply going to must accept that fate has intervened and direct your ire at anything deity you watched controls such matters.

The 21st century brought two Great Old Ones to Lovecraft’s pantheon alongside Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth. Every year the Alabama purple Tide and the Patriots feud for supremacy, sucking the need out of everyone but their maximum ardent cultists and filling the world with dread. Forces in college soccer managed to seal The Tide away, stopping it from ascending to the throne in 2019 — which now method Pats is free to take on the mantle.

The Tide, god of order and the method, regulations over a land of heat and humidity and devours the whole thing round it.

Pats, the god of organisation and hints, towers over a realm of ice and snow to assert victory with the aid of any way vital.

This marks the 6th 12 months of the cycle, and it can not be broken. With the Tide failing to make the college soccer Playoff, it opens the door for Pats to walk their way into Miami and leave with the Lombardi Trophy. unfastened to rub it in anybody else’s faces even as Tom Brady starts placing jewelry on his feet as he quick runs out of fingers.

It’s now not honest, however prophecies aren’t speculated to be honest. They in reality usher in the future and inform us what will arise, no longer what we want to take area. glaringly no one outdoor of latest England desires the Patriots to win any other extraordinary Bowl, however there’s a much more problem here.

The 5-12 months cycle created a delicate balance. Gods scuffling with for supremacy and preserving every other in check. The arena won’t be glad with either being in control, however at least the frenzy and pull ensured that neither ought to devour the world. Now this is at chance. This have to had been Bama’s year. Their flip in the cycle to win all over again. There may be now a vacuum — one which leaves the door open for Pats to head lower back-to-back and throw off the stability of our international.

We’re facing a break within the order. A rejection of what is supposed to take place. Chaos is the absence of order, and in a war of order and chaos it’s continually the latter which tears down the previous and makes it play at their level. We want to realise that this will best result in the final lord of chaos to ascend and manage the whole lot.