What Shakira – What Jennifer Lopez will bring to the upcoming SuperBowl 2020

Without a doubt, the hottest Super Bowl Half-time Show in history is coming very close! With Jennifer Lopez and Shakira officially confirming they will “burn” the biggest and most spectacular stage on this planet on February 3.

The Super Bowl Half-time Show, which is an annual event, is always noticed by the audience because of the elaborate and overwhelmed stages, as well as the quality artists at the center of each year. Over 53 years of organization, there have been many impressive stages that have entered the Super Bowl history that until now, it is often mentioned. Typically, the stage gathered nearly 4,000 performers with the pop king Michael Jackson at the 1993 Super Bowl, the impressive hit performance with the giant lion of Katy Perry at the Super Bowl 2015, the bustling combination. “jubilant” of Coldplay, Bruno Mars and BeyoncĂ© at the Super Bowl 2016 and the stage with the aerial acrobatics of the monster mother Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl 2017.

The 2020 Super Bowl Half-time Show will take place at the break of the 54th Super Bowl Final, held at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida, on February 2, 2020. It is estimated that there will be more than 64,000 spectators present in the stands to watch and at least more than 100 million viewers watch over television, one of the top American audience events, far beyond the awards ceremony. music and other film awards.

Certainly, both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will bring a monumental, overwhelming and extremely hot stage – because both are famous as the queens of Latin music, dancing and body are always fiery. age. And the only tricky thing here is: which hit will both the super hot female singer have to select to bring on stage?

It can be said that Jennifer Lopez is one of the heavy stars of USUK music and world music. The voice “On The Floor” has a career spanning over two decades. The female singer has sold 80 million copies worldwide, 40 million albums, had 16 top hit songs, three No.1 albums and was the first female artist to have the No. 1 album and movie in the same spot. a week. Most likely, Jennifer Lopez will bring to the Super Bowl 2020 a spectacular stage with the hit hit “On The Floor” and the song with a vibrant tune “Ain’t Your Mama”.

Referring to Shakira, immediately, people think of hits with bold sports and football atmosphere. Being a star specializing in singing during the World Cup, when Shakira saw the name appearing in the Super Bowl line-up this year, fans almost guessed that she would bring the stage to the stage. exploded with two hits “Waka Waka” and “La La La”.

Super Bowl 2020 is also the first stage that two Latin music queens Jennifer Lopez and Shakira stand together. Capital are the “famous” artists in the music industry, convinced that the duo will bring full uplifting moments on stage. However, the inevitable competition between the two. Whether the victory will favor anyone in the encounter “the eighth weight and half weight” this?